foresight Dissertation


Syed Adeel Ahmed

Enterprise resource planning: 07570


Life is about making selections. Making the best choice at the right time is very important. Nevertheless , no one understands whether the decision they produced was the right one. Nevertheless, coping with the choice you made and dealing with that, is more essential than becoming right or wrong. As I started my O-levels, I had always heard just how " cool” it is to get into LUMS. Freedom, away from home, carrying out whatever you want, savoring life were just some of the points I had heard from friends that got into LUMS. In A-levels, my elderly LUMS good friends would brag about the amazing badminton and tennis legal courts they have there and how they can go and play generally there whenever they wish, since they recognized my university courts were usually sealed. Eventually, I managed to get interested in obtaining admission in LUMS and dreamt of " enjoying” life the way they did. Spending so much time to write the ideal essay because of their admission kind and doing work harder than ever before to get into LUMS, I was nonetheless very much amazed when I got my acceptance letter. Jumping with delight and shedding tears of happiness and hugging the letter like it was a child, something dawned upon me: I have to go for Hajj this kind of September. My personal exciting disposition got destroyed because I couldn't quite possibly miss Hajj for LUMS or can I? LUMS was a dream i couldn't quite possibly think of allowing go this easily, specially when I had worked so hard to satisfy it. Then again Hajj was important too. I was caught up somewhere profound in the middle. I didn't want to make a choice, and i also wanted both things. But no one perhaps gets anything they want. I didn't sleeping at nights wondering what I have to do. My parents had been insistent that we go for Hajj with them because it is most likely once in a life time chance, but then LUMS was likewise once within a blue moon opportunity. We didn't know what to do. I actually tried using the coin method, but then I realized how stupid that method was when it regularly came up with the moon side or in my terms Hajj. I...