Essay about Focus Group Findings about Flavored Soda Topic

Focus Group Findings upon Flavored Soda pop Topic

Saint Mark's Researching the market Agency is known as a marketing analysis company dedicated to find the best reply to any industry’s problem. We treat every single problem as though it was our very own. We carefully go over our clients' analysis objective and create a screener and customer survey to conduct the best possible target group. This kind of report is made for Pepsico to determine what kind of recent soda flavor would charm to the university crowd. The purpose of this emphasis group should be to come up with a fresh soda taste.

Ahead of conducting this focus group, we searched college students and soda, and a list of conceivable soda tastes. Some soft drink flavors we found were cucumber, watermelon, garlic, blood, and some strange flavors like ranch. Saint Mark's as well learned that college students like to blend their alcoholic beverages with soda such as Sprite/Sierra Mist or perhaps Coca Cola/Pepsi. We also available out that students will be switching via drinking soft drink to coffee.

Using this focus group. We wanted to explore the majority of flavours consumed by the college community. We wanted to find what their favorite flavour as a whole could possibly be. Then we wanted to go into particular flavors including fruit, plant, ice cream, and candy flavour. Out of these tastes, we wanted to discover which one is the most popular between the students and which tends to make the best new soda taste. The soft drinks must appear appetizing.

The moderators guideline included 23 questions pertaining to beverage and soda usage. Questions are: How a large number of cups of soda do you really consume daily? What is your favourite soda? You prefer regular or perhaps diet? In case your preferred company soda flavor is not available, would you consider trying an additional? If therefore , what is your option choice? Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca Coca-cola? If combining a regular soda with some other beverage, what would you choose? Have you ever before used the Coke Freestyle Machine? If yes, what is your favourite mix of sugary sodas that you appreciate? What are your leading 3 fruits/vegetables/ice cream flavours to consume? In case you had...