Flame Check Lab Statement Essay

Flame Test Lab Survey



The goal of this lab was to observe how different substances can change color while in a flame and with this color, I can identify the compound. Quality involve placing sample aspect and see what color appears. Also Thermal excited electron goes from low to high energy level which boosts the color nevertheless the excitation ends electron gets to reduced which makes the color back to normal. To be able to determine the identity of several unknowns, I will perform flame testing and then use my info and observations.


In this Unit, My spouse and i am learning the selection configurations such as Barium, Birdwatcher, Lithium, Potassium, and ects. I studied wavelengths inside the visible spectrum. I also studied a characteristic color in a flame test and strength changes of electrons.


1 . Put on lab apron.

2 . A half sum of drinking water was included in small beaker.

3. Invisalign burner was lighted.

some. Obtain one of test adhere so that I actually has been putting in Fe(No).. 5. Then this test adhere #4 was put to fire and observe the color of the flame. 6th. After saving the color from the flame #5 and now get ready to test another stick. 7. Repeat the process of obtaining different test stay and take notice of the color of the flame pertaining to the following factors: Barium, Birdwatcher, Lithium, Potassium, Sodium, and Calcium. almost eight. Test each of the test stays and make sure that you record the colour of the flame for each element on the Data Table.



1 . Flame tests are useful way of determining the composition of substances. The colours produced by the flame test are when compared to known requirements. The color with the flame and component hues is unique for every element. 2 . Flame research is based on the physical and chemical basic principle that atoms—after being warmed by flame—return to their typical energy state by giving off of the excess strength in the form of light. The eq of the light given off happen to be characteristic for every element. several. Electrons in...