Final Reflecting Paper

Final Reflective Paper

A mirrored image of Krystal

Krystal Peck

PYS 202

Denise Antoon

August 6th, 2012

I. Introduction

A. Thesis Statement- My entire life may not be perfect but its mine and I want to live that to the fullest. I have gone through many trial offers and tribulations and have discovered many things via my experience, most of all I've learned in order to take that one day at a time. My previous helps make my own present possible so that I actually make the future happen. 2. Body Section #1- My childhood laid the groundwork to get my trip into adolescence and adulthood. A. John Locke explained " your head of an newborn is a tabula rasa (a blank slate) on which the world writes; every ideas are derived from experience” (Witt & Mossler, 2010, section 2 . one particular, para. 4). B. I truly believe that when we first come into the world that we are " blank slates” and we find out everything we realize from our father and mother and the people who surround all of us on a daily basis. All of us generate the general knowledge coming from those closest to us, the people we depend on to get our your survival in the early years of life. My personal mother was and is my personal lifeline, the girl helped form me in the person We am today. C. As a child, you learn just about everything from knowledge. For example , I learned to spell at the age of 2 since my mother not only chatted words in my experience, she spelled them to be able to me too. I was capable of spell and understand large words such as boa constrictor at the age of 5. Had I actually not skilled this, We doubt We would have been capable of spell and read by such an early age. III. Body Paragraph #2- Learning from my personal experiences since a child motivated me personally to want to find out more causing an excellent curiosity that drove me personally to try things out more. A. As a child I had been quite interested always looking for answers and my intellectual development i visited its peak during this level of my life. I had the requirement to know how come and how issues worked and would stop at nothing to gain these answers. Piaget's theory states that each child experiences stages that increases the standard of cognitive class. Lawrence Kohlberg a fan of Piaget, developed a theory of moral development, which poses the " what if” questions. B. Within my case, My spouse and i skipped a few of these stages and went right to the trial and error stage. I was obsessed with the " what if” factors of lifestyle. C. During this phase of my life My spouse and i learned a whole lot about myself through trying out family and friends. As an example, I would test my single mother's rules and disciplinary practices by purposefully not hearing see how much I could get before my personal mother will punish myself. To this day I still test the limits everywhere I do helping to make me a better person mainly because I are always looking for new and innovative ways to form my own, personal ideas and theories. My spouse and i am to some extent like a enjoyment seeker inside the essence i am always looking to learn something new about myself.

IV. Body Paragraph#3- Albert Bandura's theory is based on the idea that people learn from viewing others. A. My character, in my opinion, is unique and fits me perfectly but I need to give credit to my family and friends because I learned a whole lot by watching them. N. I learned to speak my thoughts by observing my mother's interactions with other people. At first, I just blurted out what came to head, but following paying more attention to how my personal mother resolved specific people in different circumstances, I discovered how to communicate and communicate my feeling and views in a way that has not been offensive. C. I was identified and earned the most outspoken award in highschool. My spouse and i pride personally on the fact that I can efficiently communicate my personal feelings and thoughts in a manner that is successful. My friends constantly come to my opinion for tips because they will know I am brutally honest with them and they appreciate my integrity. V. Bottom line

A. Using my own past experience as a road map has helped me find my own way to the current and will finally guide my future. N. I love my entire life and look toward many more undertakings. Gaining understanding from...

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