How to write an Essay: Compositing a Conclusion

While the introduction and body are important to an essay, the conclusion also serves a purpose. The conclusion restates the purpose of the essay and sums up the essay and creates the end tone of the essay and explains what was learned or proven in the essay. Writing a good conclusion for an essay can be a difficult task and is necessary to bring an essay to a successful ending. Bringing the essay to a successful close will restate your point and will further make your essay credible and clear.

Re-reading your essay

Re reading your essay is important to constructing a clear and concise conclusion Once you have continued to construct the rest of your essay, you have gotten a clear, organized thoughts on paper and have made the point of your essay in a clear, concise manner and have the introduction written, the conclusion will be easier to write. Use the introduction as a guide for your conclusion as well. The conclusion should answer the question “so what?” and bring the reader back to the point of your essay and what it proves to you and re reading your essay will further make that a possibility.

Explain how it fits together

Don’t just restate, also explains how everything ties together. Give your reader something to think about and show them your parts were not random. Paint a picture of the whole instead of the sum of its parts. Don’t let your reader forget the point of your essay or wonder what the point of what they just read was. You also don’t need to write new information in order for it to be useful, making sure your essay creates a full understanding and has meaning is just as important as any other part of the essay.

In Conclusion

While an introduction and a body are important to an essay, a well constructed conclusion is also important to an essay. The conclusion not only restates the purpose of the essay, but answers the question “so what?” and It paints the picture of the essay and lets the reader know everything fits together and that the essay was more than the sum of its parts. The reader does not want to seem lost and feel what they just read was pointless or meaningless. Remind the reader that your essay is purposeful and brings something to the field.

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