Human Factors and Mishap- Fatigue

Human factors are actually a science that focuses on the manner in which all human beings interact with their workplace through the day to day existence of workers. There are many factors to consider when it comes to efficiency and understanding the work place. Fatigue is one of them and no matter who you are, where you work or what industry you are in the amount of fatigue in your life will determine your ability to be productive and safe in that environment. Fatigue never has a positive effect on your ability to perform and methods need to be evaluated to make sure that all people manage to stay away from them.

Get Your Sleep

Of all the factors that Human Factors have revealed the need of humans to get an appropriate amount of sleep will dictate the ability to get the job done well and completed safely. It is one of the more common facts known that all people are at their best when they get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each and every day. When they don’t then there is chance that they will either not perform up to their capabilities or in an unsafe manner. This may happen anyway but there is a systematic control that can also be controlled by scheduling and appropriate expectations.

Poor Scheduling

Some jobs simply have to be performed at odd hours of the day, and that means that shift work is going to be a requirement. No matter when the work is scheduled there needs to be a realistic and appropriate number of rest hours placed in the life of the worker. Some employers make the wrong assumption that all people will work better under extreme conditions, but working longer hours is not going to allow for a better worker. As a person starts to experience fatigue, the mental concentration and physical dexterity are going to fail to function in a manner that will lead to a safe and healthy work environment.


Fatigue makes cowards of us all and makes it more difficult to get the jobs done that we are required. Scheduling a shorter number of longer shifts during a week to accumulate forty hours, while giving a lot of time off later is going to lead to a rise in workplace fatigue and an increase in working related accidents as well as accidents at home and in the commute to and from work.

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