Creating A 5 Paragraph Essay Outline

Have you recently receive the assignment of creating a five paragraph essay outline? Unfortunately, you have no idea where to begin. This article was written to walk anyone with questions, through the construction of their very own five paragraph essay outline. Take note that a 5 paragraph essay outline is constructed in parts for easy development.

Ok, the first thing you need do is identify the topic. What subject to write about? No one can create an essay or its outline without a topic. The generic topic for this article will be “Making and Serving a Peanut Butter Sandwich”. Not the best topic but simple and fun will do for educational purposes.


“Making and Serving a Peanut Butter Sandwich”.

Next our 3 Main Subtopics

  1. Ingredients needed.
  2. Preparation instructions.
  3. How and when to serve.

The writer now wants to build their introductory paragraph. The introductory paragraph is what grabs the reader’s attention. A well written introductory paragraph determines the tone of an essay.

General topic sentence

  1. Ingredients needed for peanut butter sandwich.
  2. Preparing instructions for peanut butter sandwich.
  3. How and when to serve peanut butter and sandwiches.

A transitional phrase is what is going to move their essay into the next phase of the process. Make sure the transitional phrase aids in the flow from one paragraph to the next.

First Supporting Paragraph for Peanut Butter Sandwiches

  1. This is where they restate the first subtopic.
  2. Examples and facts in support of peanut butter and sandwiches.
  3. Transitional phrase, it can also be used in the topic sentence.

This paragraph is where a writer continues to write about their love for peanut butter and sandwiches.

Second Supporting Paragraph for Peanut Butter Sandwiches

  1. Reiteration of the second subtopic.
  2. Details and examples in support of peanut butter and sandwiches.
  3. Don’t forget the transitional phrase.

As the writing process wraps up the writer must construct a summary of their essay.

Closing Paragraph

  1. It’s time to blend all major points of the thesis.
  2. Thoroughly address the topic and subtopics in the closing.

These are the key steps to follow in order to construct an effective essay outline. Due to the fact that constructing an outline can be a little trick at times. Hopefully these simple steps paired with a simple.

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