Customer Satisfaction. Important characteristics Dissertation

Customer Satisfaction. Important features

Client satisfaction

refers to the extent to which customers are happy together with the products and services given by a business. Customer satisfaction levels could be measured using survey tactics and questionnaires. Gaining high levels of client satisfaction is very important to a business since satisfied consumers are most likely to be loyal and to help make it repeated orders and to make use of a wide range of services offered by a small business. The need to gratify customer to achieve your goals in any commercial enterprises is extremely obvious. The income of all commercial enterprises is derived from the payments received for the products and companies to it is external customers. Customers are the sole reason behind the existence of business establishments. Seeing that sales are definitely the most important goal of virtually any commercial venture, it becomes required to satisfy consumers. For client satisfaction it is necessary to create and maintain specific important features like: a. Quality

n. Fair prices

c. Great customer handling skills

deb. Efficient delivery

e. Serious consideration of consumer grievances.


is the feeling of pleasure or disappointment obtained from contrasting a goods perceived overall performance (outcome) with regards to his or her targets. If the overall performance falls in short supply of expectations, the consumer is dissatisfied. If the functionality matches the objectives, the customer is content. If the efficiency exceeds anticipations, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted. Value your customer

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