How To Write A Brilliant Definition Essay On Your Own

A definition essay as the word suggests is an article or composition that defines a certain word phrase or object. It can provide a personal perspective in depth about the subject. A definition essay can either compare or contrast an item with prior definition and providing a view on how the item or word should have been used instead. The essay tends to be stronger if you support your view using facts or examples. These essays are mainly written about things that people have different perspectives on for example war, love among other things. In most cases they are intangible things. This is because when it comes to tangible objects most people have the same perspective about it. For example a rock will always remain a rock wherever you go but when it comes to love some believe in it while some do not.

Steps to follow when writing a definition essay

There are some steps that you can follow so as to have the perfect definition essay. The steps are:

  1. Choose the topic to define. The topic should be interesting in most cases debatable.
  2. Research on the topic. Use several reference books to do this.
  3. Figure out your own definition from what you have read.
  4. Come up with an idea on how you are going to pass information about the topic.
  5. Think of some examples and facts that you could use in the essay.

Format of a definition essay

Just like any other essay the definition essay follows the common format which involves three parts which are:

  • The introduction
  • This is where you gain the attention of the reader. At this point is where you give your definition of the item. Phrase it in a simple and interesting way that the reader can easily understand as well as gain interest on the essay.

  • The body
  • This is where you offer background information on the topic and state your various points about it. This is the main part of the essay and should be as informative as possible.

  • Conclusion
  • At this point you can review your important points and give your final view of the topic. This part should also be interesting.

    Once you follow these steps and set up you will be able to have an informative and quality definition essay that will gain the attention that it deserves.

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