Brainstorming And Outlining Your Essay On Global Warming

Now the two key words in the title of this article are brainstorming and outlining. Both are important, no essential in the creation of an excellent essay. The topic of global warming we’ll come to a little later. But first it's essential we get a really strong grip on the understanding of these two important terms.

Brainstorming is when you spend a short amount of time thinking of as many things as possible associated with the topic. In this case the topic is global warming. The way you operate a brainstorming session is important. If you don't have a time limit and you allow the activity to go on and on, you do not put yourself under pressure. The pressure is important. The pressure is the thing which stimulates the ideas. So you get yourself prepared with a pad and pen or pencil and you set a time such as 60 seconds or two minutes and you have the clock or time measuring device where you can easily watch the time going by.

Then once the race begins you write any word or words which come into your mind associated with global warming. Having other people, even people who have nothing to do with your college essay, join in the brainstorming session can be a terrific idea. Many minds make brainstorming work. Then once the time is up, you stop the brainstorming exercise and that's when you spend time going through and picking out the words which are relevant to your essay.

And then to outlining. Your outline or plan is the shorthand version of your essay. It's where you list the headings and subheadings which will appear in the various parts of your essay. And into each part will go an idea or ideas which you have gleaned it from your brainstorming session. So now we understand what the brainstorming and outlining mean, we can turn to the actual topic itself, global warming.

Try for something unique

Global warming is a very common and popular or to some people unpopular, topic today. In writing an essay on global warming you really need to work hard at finding an unusual angle. There will have been 1 million essays written on the basics of climate change. Students have written about the history of climate change, the current political debate about the relevance of climate change and the possible damage which can be attributed allegedly to climate change.

You need to look for an unusual angle. One way to find such an angle is to look through blogs and websites and journals and newspapers which discuss global warming. Look for an idea which does not seem to be talked about all that often. This can give you a bunk up in your quest to produce a top quality global warming essay.

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