Writing Essays About Computer Addiction

Writing papers can be a task you sometimes want to embark on. It requires research and a whole lot of thought to make it great. Once you have mustered up enough information and have gotten into the writing groove you will be able to pull off an essay about computer addiction. When taking on the topic of computer addiction one must set the paper up just right. There exist three main parts of a paper which are:

  1. The introduction: This portion of the paper introduces the reader to the paper. You should state in this paragraph the topic, which is computer addiction. You should present to the reader your thesis related to computer addiction. If you are writing an argumentative paper you will need to present the reader with a question or statement about computer addiction and tell them what your stance on the issue is, or what your side of the issue is.
  2. The body: The body will consist of your main points as well as your supporting details. You can start the first paragraph in the body of your paper with what computer addiction is. You can also state or quote statistical information on how many people own computers and of those people which are facing computer addiction. This will help to show your readers what the scope of the issue is and how many people are affected by such an issue. The next paragraphs should introduce your main ideas along with supporting details.
  3. The conclusion: The conclusion of your paper should summarize everything that was said in the body paragraphs. It should restate the definition of computer addiction, who it affects, and some important main ideas. It should also reiterate your thesis.

Other tips and tricks: Always construct an outline before attacking your paper. An outline will help you to organize your information into a workable paper. It will also help you identify your main points and help your recognize their relevance. Before writing essays on computer addiction do your research. You can add in additional resources later on in the process, but you don't want to be left trying to find information backing up your claims at the end of the paper. Make sure you define what the issue is and what the scope of the issue is. Make your reader believe that they have some stake in the issue.

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