Managing Economical Decisions 1 3 Essay

Managing Financial Decisions 1 3

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Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Degree or diploma in Business (QCF)

Unit a couple of: Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

Level: 4

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Syed Jaffery

Anthony Ayakwah

Yajesh Kumar

Amna Ali

Dean Awoyejo (Unit Convenor)

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Mehro Humayun

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1st Might 2015

third July 2015 before 12: 00 midday

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Managing Financial Resources and Decisions - Surrounding Your Future – A Professional Scenario LO

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Assessment Standards

In this assessment you will have a chance to present proof that tells you are able to: Process no .


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Understand the sources of finance open to a business

Understand the importance of financial planning and information requires. 1 . you

Identify the sources of fund available to an enterprise

1 . 2

Measure the implications of the different sources

1 . three or more

Evaluate suitable sources of financing for a organization project

installment payments on your 1

Analyse the costs of different sources of financing

2 . 2

Explain the importance of economic planning

2 . 3

Assess the information requirements of different decision makers

installment payments on your 4

Describe the impact of finance for the financial statements


Be able to make financial decisions based on financial information 3. 1

Analyse budgets and make ideal decisions.

a few. 2

Explain the calculations of unit costs and make costs decisions employing relevant info.

3. a few

Assess the viability of a project using

investment appraisal techniques.


Be able to evaluate the financial overall performance of a business. 4. you

Discuss the primary financial transactions.

4. 2

Compare appropriate formats of financial statements several types of business.

5. 3

Interpret financial transactions using appropriate ratios and comparisons, the two internal and external.


An electronic copy of the assessment must be fully published by the deadline date and time. You must submit one single PDF or MS Business office Word document. Any relevant images or perhaps screenshots has to be included inside the same MS Office Term or PDF document. The final version you upload will be the one that is marked. The paper will be marked for those who have indicated this as your final submission. Assessment the excuse circumstances insurance plan for information relating to extensions. The file size should not exceed 20MB.

Answer conditions in order, evidently indicating the pass criteria number. Make sure that all function has been proof-read and checked prior to submission. Ensure that the layout of your documents are in a professional format with typeface style Arial, font size 12 to get the text, typeface 14 for sub planning and font 16 intended for main planning, line spacing 1 . a few and justified. Use the Harvard referencing system; otherwise it will probably be considered as plagiarised work. Ensure that you back-up your work regularly and apply variation control on your documents. Make sure that any data file you publish is virus-free, not dangerous and not shielded by a username and password otherwise it can be treated as a non-submission. You mustn't submit a paper duplicate or email of this analysis to any employee at FSB. Your work must be original while using appropriate referencing

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I approve that the function submitted with this assignment is usually my own and research sources are totally acknowledged.

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In addition to the above GO criteria, this assignment provides you with the opportunity to send evidence in order to achieve the subsequent MERIT and DISTINCTION degrees

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Indicative attributes


M1Identify and apply strategies to locate appropriate solutions Effective conclusions have been made.

M1: To achieve M1, you are required to match the above mentioned ratios (i. e., current ratio, ROZAMIENTO...