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Task 1:

Determine two studies on serious failures to shield individuals from abuse. Write an account that describes the unsafe practices in the evaluations. Abuse could happen anywhere anytime, but specifically to vulnerable people. I use researched in to two instances reported for abuse in adults. The Winterbourne case as well as the Orchid Perspective case. Six care staff at the Winterbourne View treatment home were given prison terms for " cruel, callous and degrading" abuse of disabled individuals. Orchid Perspective care residence was branded Britain's cruelest care home with disregard stemming via institutionalised misuse contributing to the deaths of five elderly residents. Staff in Winterbourne treatment home were using hazardous practices, We were holding caught on CCTV sloshing vulnerable occupants, soaking these people in water and capturing them below chairs, staff were trapped physically harming these residents as well as emotionally and by speaking abusing these people by taunting and imprecationexecration at them. The persons were not capable of defend themselves, this is an abuse of power and trust. Winterbourne were putting profits prior to humanity, it had been run with a view to earnings and using a lack of interest to its residents or staff. Poor working practices are seen below, one member of staff stated that he was at first shocked by ill take care of patients by Winterbourne however became value to it over time. This is hazardous practice, certainly not reporting incidents is also mistreating the occupants as they are nonetheless in danger. It was this part of staff's responsibility to statement what was taking place. His behavior was inappropriate. Unsafe techniques were also seen in the Orchid View circumstance. There was multiple accounts of maltreatment to elderly people with this home, there was clearly institutionalised misuse throughout the residence which started out at a very early level and nobody did anything about this. The home was mismanaged and understaffed which means that the environment was not safe to get the citizens. There were a number of severe circumstances of disregard in this residence,...