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Coal Miner Presentation

Amanda Long

Rogers State University or college

Coal Mining

Coal exploration has been around for a very long time in fact it is necessary for day-to-day use. Every day coal miners wake and get ready to go into a deep dark opening. Coal miners can be compared to soldiers inside the war, every morning they need to kiss their wives and children goodbye and make sure they say I enjoy you, since they by no means know what kind of day it's going to be. Coalmines collapse and get rid of thousands each year, coal miners have to be in edge continuously and pray consistently. For most rural mining communities, exploration is all which can be found. Yes coal mining compensates excellent, 80 thousand into a hundred 1, 000 per year, although coal miners have an increased mortality price and improved health risks. Coal miners have sufficient occupational risks and health problems and are certainly not guaranteed every single hour of their life. Basic safety and Health Standards

According to the United States Department of Labor, the first goal and area of issue all in the coal exploration industry should be the heath and protection of their most treasured resource; the miner. Suitable forms of warning are provided to insure that miners happen to be apprised of all hazards that they are subjected, relevant symptoms and appropriate emergency treatment, and appropriate conditions and precautions of safe employ or exposure. The mandatory standard prescribes ideal protective products and provides technical procedures in connection with such risks. They also offer monitoring and measuring of miner direct exposure at such locations to assure the maximum safety of the miners. Mandatory requirements will also suggest the type and frequency of medical assessments and other checks which are provided by the work at his cost to miners subjected to hazards to be able to most efficiently determine perhaps the health with the miner is definitely adversely affected by exposure. A determination can then be made which a miner can experience material impairment of well being or efficient capacity by reasons of exposure to the hazard have mandatory regular, that the miner shall be taken out of the coverage and reassigned. If the miner is transported as a result of exposure than they may continue to receive compensation for work at no less than regular level of pay for miners in the classification the miner placed immediately prior to his copy. The goal of the mandatory safety and health specifications is to retain miners healthy and protected via such danger. Coal Miners and Their People Health Problems

In respect to Hendryx and Ahern, the increased production of coal induced a loss of health status and elevated rates of cardiopulmonary disease, lung disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and renal disease. Particular types of diseases associated with coal development include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), black lung disease, and hypertension. According to Zullig and Hendryx, coal miners in central Appalachia possess a greater exposure to possible major depression and extreme psychological relax compared with other areas of Appalachia or the nation. According to Ahern, Mullett, MacKay, and Hamilton, the latest evidence shows that higher mortality rates and higher self-reported chronic illness among adults in fossil fuel mining areas are substantially related to grow older, poverty, education, smoking, and lack of insurance. Coal exploration involves fossil fuel processing which will uses toxic compounds as well as gear powered by diesel machines, explosives found in mining, particles from revealed coal trucks and teaches, and dust coming from unpaved haul roads, all of which cause environmental pollution. Facts shows that coal processing contaminates billions of gallons of normal water with poisonous trace components and chemical compounds used in the coal preparation process. Contaminated water is usually held in impoundment ponds, or perhaps injected subterranean where interface with moving water sources may occur. Normal water contamination could be potentially harmful to plants, pets or animals, and individuals. Living...

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