Academic Cause & Effect Essay Writing Guide

When you are asked to write a cause and effect essay essentially you are being asked to critically examine either the “cause” or the “effect” of a given scenario. A common misconception regarding this writing format that you need to cover both in your composition. However, instructors who assign cause & effect essays are merely looking for one or the other discussed in short form.

Basically when you write a cause and effect piece you need to choose one or the other to investigate in depth. Choose specific examples to defend your thesis, and develop strong arguments to justify your position.

Things To Remember When Writing Cause & Effect Essays

  1. Organization

    Just like all academic compositions how you organize your paper is very important. An instructor will be grading you on proper formatting so remember your 5 step outline.

    • I. Intro
    • II. Body I
    • III. Body II
    • VI. Body III
    • V. Conclusion
  2. Choose the best evidence

    Brainstorm some different causes and effects and choose three that are the best to write about. The evidence that you use should be interesting, provocative and easy to defend with examples.

  3. Use details to defend your position

    Although you can include your own insights in the composition it is advisable to come up with solid evidence that can be described in detail to make a point. Writing a cause & effect essay is just as much about your opinions as it researching a topic accurately and in depth

  4. Use logic and rationale

    If you want to get a good grade use logic and rationale that can easily be understood by a reader. The entire purpose of cause & effect is learning how to explain yourself effectively so be thorough and explain concepts.

  5. Keep your essay focused

    At times it can be tempting to go off on a train of thought rambling rant. Try to keep your essay focused and readable stick to the outline structure and include only the best details. Try to find a balance between personal opinion and fact.

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