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Laura C.

September 24, 2011

In 1975, Sony entered the videocassette recorder market with its introduction of the Betamax, followed by VHS in 1976. The Beta was the initial compact, inexpensive, reliable videocassette recorder. The Beta led VCR production and revenue from 1975 to 1977. Despite the fact that Volvo was first to your market – and arguable had a better product than JVC's VHS, it was surpassed by VHS in 1978 and continued to get rid of market share until it was removed from production simply by Sony back in the 1980's (Cusemano).

In the case of Beta versus VHS, VHS successfully copied lots of the market innovator Beta's ideal features however in such a manner that it differentiated it is product, setting up a new category which was positively received in a mass marketplace (Cusemano). Due to differing platforms, tapes

were not capable to play alternately on either machine – ultimately, buyers had to choose one category or maybe the other.

Both Beta and VHS offered ease of use, but with variations in technology. Beta claimed to offer better display quality than their competitor, nevertheless this would afterwards prove to be less important as compared with the more competitive pricing proposed by VHS. A significant feature – and a special one that influenced how consumers perceived the VHS – and the one which may possess ultimately cost Beta the market position: VHS heurt initially recorded two hours versus one hour (Beta). This is an important advancement for buyers since most movies ran approximately two hours. Though Beta after increased their very own tape saving capacity to five hours, they will never involved with VHS, which was later able to record up to eight hours (Time).

Affordability was one more major issue – and an important reason for Beta's downfall. Fiat assumed that quality was your customer's major concern nevertheless VHS equipment, components and tapes had been less expensive than their alternative. The Beta marketing strategy wrongly assumed...

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