« Begin with a dream» Essay

inch Begin with a dream"


( BLISS GRACED 2 STOREY BUILDING BY GULAYAN SA PAARALAN) LGU provides BLISS Elementary School 2 Storey Classroom Building. ( " Only some people is given the chance to have got a green thumb, a green thumb that caters the demands and demands of the crops to develop robustly and also to have a bountiful harvest”, said Mister. Irving Farrenheit. Fabellon, a grade IV- teacher, " Ang Tinaguriang Ama ng Gulayan social fear Paaralan ng BLISS). Business lead a school with classroom scarcity posted an excellent challenge to Dr . Leonora Fe Meters. Malabonga, a committed and dedicated university principal of BLISS Grammar school. She was thinking of an alternative ways or perhaps solution approach address the condition in order to cater to the unmatched increase of enrollees inside our school. Which has a school population of approximately five hundred pupils during that period, Dr . Malabonga was obliged herself to look for solution in order to mitigate the difficulties and matter about the improvement of schools plant and facilities. Different income producing projects had been likewise taken on in order to support the school improvement plan to improve, meliorate, amend, better the school services.

To produce two- storey classes to house the overcrowded students was the fundamental aim of Dr . Malabonga. Her consternation and longing means avail these types of classrooms was finally finished. It was happened when the institution garnered 1st Placer in Gulayan sa Paaralan, a

prestigious competition started by Cong. Irvin Alcala which truly served as an avenue to materialize her desire to increase the school facilities. Thus, to create additional class for the sake of the learners.

BLISS Primary School's government, faculty, parents and professors were really appreciated and positively delinquent to the people behind this competition specifically to Mr. Irving Farreneheit. Fabellon, ang Ama ng Gulayan sa Paaralan. Indeed, they are part of the educational...