Academic Writing Help: Avoiding Popular Phrases

Writing papers can be an adventure for some people. The adventure may be an exciting one and for other it may not be that rewarding. For those who do find it a whirlwind adventure, you are probably passionate about the subject matter and writing in general. With passion and excitement come many things, one of which is the use of popular phase known as clichés.

See people get caught in the moment when making comparisons in their writing. They often times jump to the easiest quotes or phrases situated in their minds and just go for it. When writing academic papers this should be avoided. The use of clichés throughout your paper can make for an unoriginal piece of work. The paper may seem cheesy to some. A professor wants to know that you are capable of coming up with your own content and can make a professional grade paper that gets your point across.

How to avoid the use of popular phrases:

You can begin to avoid popular phrases during the writing stage of your paper; first step is to identify them within the paper. You can do this after you have written each paragraph. Ask yourself does there exist a comparison in this paragraph? If there is you must read it aloud and determine if it is a phrase that people use often. If so then you should consider taking out the phrase all together and re-wording it to avoid the use of such phrase. If you are having trouble finding replacement words, you should consider utilizing the thesaurus. The thesaurus will provide you with a list of alternative words. If using the thesaurus be sure that u=you have a basic understanding of the words you choose, so that you do not misuse them in your writing.

If you are having trouble identifying what clichés exist within your paper, then you should consider getting a second opinion. One should only get a second opinion at the completion of your paper. This ensures that you catch as many of the popular phrase as you can. You can start by asking those around you for assistance locating the clichés. If your friends can not be of assistance you can take your paper to a writing service and ask that they help you. They will be able to assist you in identification, and re-wording.

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