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This summer 17, 2011

Formal Evaluation of Art

There are a lot of variations between expressive and deductive lines in art. Conditional lines will be mathematically thorough, precise, handled, logical, and rational. Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing Number 681 is one of the examples of synthetic line. (Sayre, 2010). Significant lines are less logical, free, loose, and somewhat unmanageable. Vincent Van Gogh's art work " The Starry Night” is among the art using expressive lines. (Sayre, 2010). Generally, conditional lines are extremely precise and very logical. The characteristics of the deductive lines will be more closely connected with a men form although expressive lines are less rational and it is designed more on female form. Such cable connections associated with the lines and how they are employed, is usually shown women form plus the masculinity that reflects the cultural opinion of skill, such as the Greeks view with the male type being realistic and solid with a wonderful detail applied to show the beauty and artistic order, although the female type is displayed as emotional and poor in the regards of significant lines. The painting Las Meninas simply by Diego Velasquez that has qualities that makes it very interesting to view. For instance , I was observing these listed art work through a formal analysis of it, and interpretations of my understandings and concluded while using observations. The artist provides portrayed an image of girls in the middle. Second, a great artists working on a portrait that reflects the painting background, as the image on the mirror around the very backside wall describes what seems to be the California king and Full. Just as the mirror used to attract the viewer's awareness and many illusionistic effects is the formal qualities used by Diego Velasquez; in addition, it portrays reflections of photos outside the perspective. The artist used 3 primary focal-points including mirrored mirrored pictures, half-length, and self-portrait. However , the interesting depth and proportions of the...