Why People Should Choose Union

In this paper, the importance of union to the workers would be discussed briefly but critically. This would include some issues surrounding unionism and its impacts to the management and the workers. Unionism has been a debatable issue for the workers and the business owners for many years since the time of its inception. Undoubtedly, there is an innate adversarial relationship between capitalists and unions, which is up to now unsettling. Why should people join union? Is it beneficial or detrimental to the company? These are just few of the many controversial questions that this paper would like to address.

First and foremost, unionism was conceived mainly to protect the workers’ welfare. It emerged because of the exposure of the workers from unhealthy and dangerous working environment during the advent of industrial revolution in Europe. When capitalists were able to utilize machines to run their factories during the 1800s, the exploitation of workers had become worse. There were no sanitation facilities, longer working hours, no break time, no health benefits, and children were even hired to man the production.

Indeed, the injustices brought about by the industrial revolution compelled the workers to come together and formed a group called union. Unions have become the protection of the workers from the exploitative practices of the capitalists since its legalization. The widespread acceptance of unionism especially in Europe has ushered a new hope for the proletariats that has gradually improved condition of the said sector.

In relation, unionism has adversely affected the welfare of the capitalists. For one thing, there was a decline in profit when union was accommodated by a business organization. With the legal benefits given to the workers along with the power to interfere with the management’s decision making, it had become difficult for business owners to earn profit. This was the reason for the strong resistance of business owners against unionism. But, it may not be detrimental to the business owners if there would be a compromise between the two sectors (workers and capitalists), which has been proven in the contemporary Europe.

Nevertheless, unions are beneficial to the workers. Workers have the right to join a union in order to shield them from any exploitative practices. Moreover, workers would be able to express their grievances to the management through the union, which is crucial in improving their working condition. This is why it is highly recommended that people should join union.

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