Era Dbq Essay

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Cori Centerino


17 January 2012


Why did the Equal Rights Amendment are not able to pass?

Girls took active roles in the American Revolution. Women maintained farms, shops, and businesses as well as homeowners and households. Some women even joined the war effort. A large number of made ammunition from their home silver. These were especially linked to preparing the newly released of patriots by instilling republican principles in their kids. But with no ability to have your vote, have an active role and say in government, and achieve greatest equality to men, women could not completely prepare themselves and their kids for the future.

The American Revolution constrained women. Whenever they proved potency and efficacy and power, political frontrunners shot them down and denied their strength. Women found this unjust, and fought against for their privileges. Document F shows an image of a number of women that chained themselves together to show how they felt chained straight down. Although their method of protesting was not very affective, it exhibited all their desire to have a working role in government. These types of women illustrate the hard effort that was necessary to obtain their voices observed. Most of the people whom favored the ERA were younger, because they were responsible for changing to find the best interest in the next generation.

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A huge selection of women implemented their husbands to the battlefield, where that they washed, mended, and grilled for the troops. Incidents where risked their lives in Battle. So if perhaps women had been helping all their husbands so, why had been they not allowed to have equal rights with them? Document J brought up a man who had been going to quit his work because his wife received a better job than him. He was embarrassed that his partner was going to become more powerful than him. Record M discussed the partners against the feminist movement, saying men are unable to do women's jobs so women must not be allowed to do men's jobs.

Document E described that if the...