How Social Media Sites Affect Communication With Families 

The world out there is in a continuous change and if you stopped for a moment and took a look around you, you would most likely realize how many things have changed completely over the course of just a couple of decades. The emergence and raise in popularity of the Internet has change our lives in ways many of the people out there are not even fully aware of. One of these things is related to the fact that even though the Internet provides us with the fastest ways to communicate with people living abroad. At the same time though, the Internet has affected the way in which families communicate with each other as well.

Being able to communicate fast and secure with someone who is currently on the other side of the world is definitely a plus of the Internet. Seeing the face of your family and hearing them speak is one of the most treasured asset of the Internet itself and most of the people out there can truly appreciate this.

However, communication over the social media sites may affect families too much. The main reason this may be so is because members of the family choose to communicate important life events over these social media websites, making everything very impersonal. Furthermore, a mother can learn about her daughter’s upcoming birthday from her social media website page and although this may seem like a good idea, the truth is that it is not and that it can damage the relationships between the members of the family.

In one way or another, the Internet has made us feel more connected while tearing us apart as well. People don’t speak to their parents on the phone so much any longer – they like statuses, share articles with each other and chat about trifles, but there is no actual, true interaction between the people who do this and in the context of a family it can be one of the worst things to happen.

The key to using social media websites (and the Internet in general) is making sure that you are very well-balanced about that. If you use it to communicate with your parents, make sure to call them at least once in a while because it will be warmer and more personable this way. Although this is just the beginning of the Internet era, it can be said that it will bear an important place in our lives from now on, but that people need to find balance in using everything on it, so that their real-life relationships are not affected.

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