How to succeed with Academic Paper Writings

Doing any kind of academic writing work is definitely not the easiest thing out there and you can at least appreciate those people who manage to do it successfully. However, you should never feel intimidated by them, because academic writing is a skill that can be learned just like any other skill out there and that means you can be successful with academic paper writing as well. Regardless of the type of paper you have to write, regardless of the field of study it is related to and regardless of the level at which you are in your higher education, there will be some ground rules that will help you success with your academic papers.

  1. Always take time to choose your topic and think about it thoroughly. In most of the cases, your professor will assign you only broad lines in which the paper should be written and the topic he/she will choose will be very broad, which will allow you to narrow it down as much as you feel the need to (and it is actually recommended to narrow it down as much as possible). Thus, you have the chance of choosing something you are actually interested in and that of choosing something you will be able to conduct research on. Be aware of the fact that topics that are too original or too narrow can be troublesome from the point of view of finding the materials to back you up.
  2. Always follow a great structure. Academic writing is very much about structure and about coherence in exposing your ideas. Make sure that your introduction is not very long (and not very short either) and that it contains your topic’s background, the thesis statement and the methods you will use for research (also make sure that you know whether or not an abstract is required). Furthermore, make sure that the contents of your paper are thoroughly organized on paragraphs, chapters and sub-chapters as well (and bear in mind that the paragraphs should also have an introduction, a middle part and a conclusion). Last, but not least, make your conclusion memorable and not repetitive. Also, make sure that it is calling for further research, as well as outlining the main discoveries your research has pointed out.
  3. Last, but definitely not least, make sure that you understand the academic style in which you have to write your paper. This will enable you to insert references and to format the paper properly and you will diminish the chances your paper is considered to be plagiarized in any way.
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