Sample essay can save your own writing

Essay writing is a lengthy and tiresome task for those who are not fond of writing. While writers may find it very motivating to write on challenging and innovative topics mostly students avoid writing them. Back in old times people were supposed to do their tasks themselves whether they like it or not. However the world has progressed now. With the advancement in technology everything is now available just a click away. If people do not wish to write an essay or a research paper or hectic term papers they can simply find online samples for the specific subject.

Sample papers help

While most of the teachers are of the view that these online available samples are not a good practice and students should not avail them rather they should write essays using their own creativity. Many others think that these essays actually help students in learning. Sample essay are helpful as they:

  • Save time
  • Motivate the students
  • The more you read the better you get
  • Help in understanding the format and structure
  • Are available on wide topics
  • Are easy-to-understand
  • Might develop student’s interest
  • Are free
  • Are available for everyone
  • Cannot be submitted under one’s name
  • Are easy to search

Motivation for students

The teachers need not be worried because sample essays can never be submitted by a student under his own name as they are easily detected. It will only help the student in improving his skills. These essays will encourage the student to write one by him. When the student goes through various essays then he realizes it is not that much of an effort to compose an essay. He will be motivated and will try writing one on his own.

He might not be able to write an excellent essay overnight but by going through different types of essays on an ongoing basis the student will certainly learn how to format one and realize where is he lacking.


If you have written an essay but are not sure if it fits the essay type and format you can search the sample essays relating to that topic and type. After you have downloaded a few examples you can read them carefully and compare them with your essay. This way you will get a chance to improve your essay. You can compare these examples with the one you wrote and analyze what your essay lacks. It is not necessary that you might have missed something but there can be some extra details you may have added that you can cut down after comparison.

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