13 Silly Criminals Dissertation

13 Foolish Criminals

13 Stupid criminals

a ‘But I am, ' said the

robber, and showed

his driving license

with his age … and

name … and address!



b A person mugged

women in a

shopping centre and

stole her handbag.

When he drove away, the

Autobank didn't approach

but the bumper of his

car was pulled away.

But when the assistant

exposed the cash sign-up

the customer had taken out a

knife and said, ‘Give me

all the cash. '

d This didn't take those

police long to

track it and arrest him.

g ‘Could I have

a lot of change,

please? ' this individual asked.



So , late a single night, this individual drove his small

Volkswagen there and attached a series

from the bumper to the equipment, hoping

to pull the machine from your wall.

k He left with the

jar and was

arrested at your home

one hour later on.

m The suspect received out

of the car and walked

to the woman.

s A man chose to

steal the automatic

lender machine from

the wall structure in front of

a corner shop.

c He happened to run off while using

cash, nevertheless left the £20

be aware on the counter.


A male went into

a corner shop

and asked the

assistant for any

the money inside the

cash register.

Quickly afterwards the authorities picked up a

suspect and drove him back to the mall.

u ‘I'm apologies, ' explained the assistant.

‘You can easily have that if

you are over eighteen. '

n The amount added up

to £7. 59. The shop

built over £12 profit

within the robbery.

q He was planning to leave

when he noticed the

whisky bottles behind the

counter and asked for one.




‘We're going to carry an personality

parade, ' said law enforcement officer.

l ‘Yes, ' he stated. ‘That's

absolutely her. Which

the woman I actually mugged. '

r A guy walked

right into a corner

shop and put a

£20 make a note of

on the table.

He panicked and raced home –

leaving behind the bumper with

the car subscription number.

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