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п»їAssignment 1 . 03 Medical Method

Response the following inquiries about technology, pseudoscience, and the scientific method. Part I: Scientific Approach

1 What is the difference among science and pseudoscience?

Real research looks at almost all available data makes theories and tests them. Pseudoscience is wherever determinations of what we need or desire is made and we take leftover information to prove this conclusion two What is the scientific technique?

a method of treatment that has made natural scientific research

Part II: Science or perhaps Pseudoscience

Response the following questions about the balancing online video. They will show you and help you determine if the balancing egg is research or pseudoscience. You may need to go back to the advantages page on this lesson and watch the video again to help you solution these queries. 3 Explain the observation/question that utilized in the egg balancing online video. If there is not only one, write an observation/question which can be used. Will the egg balance during the equinox?

4 Describe the speculation that utilized in the egg balancing video. If there is not merely one, write a hypothesis that could be utilized. Can the egg balance in this equinox without falling more than? 5 Identify the experiment that utilized in the egg balancing video. If there is not one, write an experiment that may be used. The experiment was to try and see in case the egg could balance during the equinox without tipping over which in turn worked. 6th Describe the data that was analyzed inside the egg balancing video. If you have not any, illustrate how this might be done. The information analyzed was that the egg could be well-balanced during the equinox. 7 Illustrate the conclusion that was used in the egg managing video. If you have not one, write a conclusion that might be used. The conclusion was that the egg surely could balance during the equinox.

eight Did the balancing egg video retest the test? If it did, describe the retest. Yes each of them retested it 3 times.

9 Do the...