0104 SWBS Chart and ReflectionThe SomebodyWantedButSo Essay

0104 SWBS Chart and ReflectionThe SomebodyWantedButSo

01. 04 SWBS Chart and Representation

The " Somebody-Wanted-But-So" chart is an excellent way to summarize important info from history. In that, you discover a person or group of people; their goal, need, or perhaps want; what conflict of interest was standing in the way; and the outcome. This tactic works great mainly because history depends upon what needs, wishes, and actions of individuals. Part you – Total the following data using data from the lessons. One example appears for you. Someone...




Director Abraham Lincoln

the nation to heal as fast as possible from the Municipal War and planned to reunify area quickly he was assassinated in 1865 just days after Robert Electronic. Lee's give up plans for Reconstruction were taken over by simply Vice President Toby Johnson, who also became leader after Lincoln's death Leader Andrew Manley

To continue the Reconstruction

Congress kept over-riding his obtain

Radical Conservatives started the Radical Reconstruction.

Radical Republicans

Southerners to become punished pertaining to re-unifying with the Union.

Director Hayes got office and removed the federal soldiers from the south  Federal safeguard for African American voters and pro-republicans, including freedmen, was over. The southern area of Democrats

To have federal soldiers removed from the south and to have a southern Democrat named inside the cabinet.


Hayes recognized this ask for and taken off the national troops while also naming a the southern part of democrat in the office.  The reconstruction coverage came to an end after the federal soldiers were taken from the southern region. Part a couple of – Solution the following inquiries in a full paragraph of your personal words. What was the main concern relating to Renovation that divided Republicans at the end of the Detrimental War? In the event you had been a member of Our elected representatives at the time, what kind of plan for Reconstruction would you possess supported and why?

There have been many different views which acquired divided Conservatives at the end in the Civil War. One of...